Are You Tired of Living an Average Life?

Life is short and no one knows how long they will be here on this earth. That being said why live an average life and just get by. Instead why not live a fit and fierce life that pushes you to new levels of health and fitness. That is what Fierce for Life is all about!

Is Bulletproof Coffee Bad for You?

Coffee is delicious. Butter is delicious. But just because two things are delicious, it doesn't mean that combining them in a drink is a good idea. This video outlines 4 reasons why bulletproof (buttered) coffee is actually really bad for you.  


The Science of Bulletproof Coffee and Why You Should Drink Butter

The science / point of BulletProof Coffee and or any variation that uses MCT and another type of fat. Note: I'm not affiliated with any “Bulletproof” products and this video isn't about Bulletproof brand coffee beans. By Bulletproof coffee, I'm referring to the recipe of (give or take) 2TBS Butter, 1TBS C8 MCT Oil per […]


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